Affordable Land For Sale. 4 Lots Sold Together York, SC Sold

  • $9,990

Purchase Price: $9,990

Terms: Owner Financing or Cash Sale.

Finance Terms:

  • Down Payment $0
  • Monthly Payment: $99
  • Loan Term: 14 years
  • Interest Rate: 7.99%
  • Monthly Loan Processing Fee: $25.00
  • Insurance (Hazard on land only): $8.00
  • Taxes Estimated Escrow
  • No Prepayment Penalties

Due Today To Secure Property:

  • Document Fee: $799.00
Total Due to Secure: $799.00

Property Description: This is a great opportunity to own a beautiful lot in Clover, York, SC. This land includes 4 lots sold together. All the way at the end of Generation Lane. Very Private!


35.121201, -81.211292

*GPS coordinates will provide you with directions to the listed property. Most rural vacant land parcels do not have a complete physical address.

Lot Size: Approximately .62 Acres

Road Access: Yes

Address: Sumter ST Exit And Hagans Tract

Parcel:  3660000083, 3660000084, 3660000085, 3660000086

Zoning: RC-11

Zoning Description: 


The Residential Conservation II District is designed to preserve and protect the character of existing neighborhoods and subdivisions and to prohibit any use which would compromise or alter existing conditions and uses.  Also, this district is intended to encourage residential in-filling and expansion of existing neighborhoods and subdivisions.  Development standards and densities regulating development of the districts, and land uses permitted in each, are designed to reflect existing conditions and enhance the prospects of “like development.”

Trailer or Mobile Home: Allowed

Electric: Street

Water: City

Sewer: Septic or alternative system required

Notes: You should measure or survey if you have doubts about size or measurements provided. Some of the ad pictures were taken in the general area, not necessarily of the specific land.

Here’s How Buying Land From Us Works

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This is the most important step in all the buying process. Please due your due diligence. Inspect the property. Use your cell phone to look up the provided GPS coordinates to the property. Go online and download a free app that shows you the actual coordinates. Also, make sure you check with the county for confirmation on zoning, taxes, or any other information you may need. All of our properties listed on are sold “as-is, where-is.”

Step 2
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Step 3

Closing on your property

For owner finance properties, once your documentation fee is received, we will email you a purchase agreement. Once the purchase agreement is received with the down payment we will move forward with the land contract for financing the property, instructions for your payments, and a copy of your first invoices. Your first payment will be due in about 30 days. For cash sale properties, once your payment is completed, we will move forward with the issuing and recording of the deed at the county in your name.

Sumter ST Exit And Hagans Tract
York South Carolina 29710, USA
Lot Size:
Approx . 62 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

Call 843-972-3550 for more details

End of Generation Lane
York, South Carolina 29710
Lot Size:
.62 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

Call 843-972-3550 for more details

Property Location